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The Photon Bomb detonated on Ankou 5's Beta 3 zone, nicknamed Equinox, had a yield of roughly 180 million Megatons of TNT. The detonation was a planetary test of the Terrians newly recreated weapon, the Photon Bomb, it was triggered at ground level on Febuary 11th, 2803 at 1500 hours.


Equinox Impact Crater 300 years later

T+ 1 second - The fire ball stretches several thousand meters into the sky and is visible from 4,000 km in every direction.

T+ 30 seconds - The crater is now 30 km wide and is still expanding, tearing through several mountain ranges.

T+ 2 minutes - 300+ tons of rock is thrown into the upper atmosphere, 2% of which escapes the planet's gravity. The crater is now 100 km wide.

T+ 30 minutes - The atmospheric temperature has increased by has increased by 10 degrees Celsius and thousands of forest fires have spread across the planet.

T+ 1 hour - Global planetquakes erupt across every continent, every tree in 10,000 km is flattened, and the continent is consumed by forest fires.

T+ 5 hours - The soil, ash, and hydro-carbons block out the sun across the planet, lowering temperatures to below freezing planetwide. 86% of species are extinct at this point.

T+ 10 days - All species larger than 2 meters are now extinct, the oceans are beginning to freeze, and the planet is covered in radioactive ice.

T+ 3 months - Life now exists almost exclusively underground and deep inside the ocean. Of the 8 million vertebrate species before the detonation 870 now survive. A thin layer of ice forms across the planet's oceans, bacteria at the bottom are most unaffected.

T+ 1 year - Invertebrates are successfully surviving near the bottom of the oceans and are kept from freezing by geothermal heat. Subterranean life is beginning to repopulate.

T+ 30 years - The Photon winter has begun to weaken and the radiation has started to reduce to livable levels. Subterranean species are venturing out for brief periods of time to scavenging for small plants and insects.

T+ 300 years - The planet has almost fully recovered, mammals now flourish on land while aquatic insects dominate the sea. The planet is deemed to be habitable again in 50-100 years as the atmosphere is damaged and there is still dangerous amounts of radiation for Terrians.