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Dratuls are a species of reptile-like fish, they're bodies are very muscular and covered by a thin layer of mucus at all times. They're strength far outpaces most creatures of they're size and have been known to jump over 10 meters at a time.

Dratuls have only one eye which can see in infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light waves, this eye is centered in the middle of they're forehead. Dratuls also possess very sharp claws and teeth, some have been observed using they're claws to scale vertical surfaces. They have no sense of smell and a bad sense of hearing. Male Dratuls possess frills that extend from the sides of they're heads, these are purely for show.


Dratuls are extremely aggressive and attack most lifeforms they come into contact with. They will often form packs composed of between 1 thousand and 70 thousand individuals, as food is a major problem for packs of this size they often resort to cannibalism. There are around 12 million separate packs in existence at any given time.

Dratuls are hatched out of soft mucus covered eggs 10 days after being layed, the young are abandoned by the mother and will reach the age of maturity in 4 months. Once they have become adults they will seek out a pack, if no pack accepts them or if there are none nearbye, then the Dratul will start it's own pack.

Reason for X-Class Designation[]

Dratuls are an extremely dangerous species, there are over 480 billion on Rungaerilia and they have been shown to be able to nest inside starship cargo bays, which opens up the possibility of widespread infection of other worlds. This coupled with Drauls fast rate of reproduction and pack formation means that in as little as 2 years a planet could be completely overrun with them.

To prevent this from taking place their is a 100 light year No Fly Zone around Rungaerilia and a fleet of 20 unmanned ships controlled by a limited A.I. patrols the system.