First contact procedures will only be enacted when contact is being made with a level 4 species or lower.

  1. A cloaked probe is dispatched to orbit the planet at a high altitude, it will then listen for radio transmissions. If any are detected it will decipher the civilization's language, culture, and politics. after which it will transmit its data to the nearest Terrian colony.
  2. The colony will dispatch a Terrian Exploration Ship to make first contact.
  3. The ship will arrive at the planet and enter into an orbit, it will then eject a probe down to the surface to make first contact.
  4. The probe will land in an unpopulated area and broadcast radio signals containing the following message:

Greets, you are not alone. For the past few years we have been watching you, learning from you, and learning about you. Don't be afraid, you are under our protection, no one will harm you.

You are not alone, you are safe.

  1. Once the probe's sensors detect a member of the species that is being contacted that is within 200 meters the probe will cease to transmit and will begin to glow.
  2. Once the subject has approached to within 5 meters the glowing will dem and a metallic disc will eject with much more detailed information about the galaxy, Terrians, Terra, other species, and their planet's position. The disc will also contain two radio transmission codes, one signal to the means that the species has accepted the offer of protection by the Terrians and wish to become a colony, the other means that they have declined the offer.
  3. The exploration ship will wait in orbit for 90 days, if no transmission is received the ship will leave orbit and return to its colony.
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