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A race of carnivorous insects. They would rather die than concede defeat. When their home-world was rendered uninhabitable due to an environmental catastrophe, they terraformed a nearby planet in their star system, making it their new home. They are now using their terraforming expertise to restore the climate of their original home-world.


The Gorgenians evolved on an extremely hostile planet, Gorger Prime was plagued with massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and radiation from their star. Because of this Gorgenian's exoskeletons are radiation resistant and as strong as steel. Sense Gorger Prime was so hostile Gorgenians also reproduce very quickly, they can have as many 100 larva in one year.

For thousands of years the Gorgenians existed in hives fighting each other for the few resources on the planet, in the Terrian year of 1975, a disease known as "The Death" swept through their population killing 84% of Gorgenians. 4 months later a global earthquake killed another 48% of the population.

With only a few hundred hives left on the planet the Gorgenians were close to extinction. A hive queen known as "The Savior" united the hives into one giant hive known as "The Capital". After this the Gorgenian species were able to recover sense they were now longer killing each other. The "Savior" is said to be over 950 years old.

The Terrians were the first civilization the Gorgenians came into contact with, a Terrian exploration ship accidentally made first contact by crash-landing on Gorger Prime in the year 2455. The Terrian disease known as the flu proved to be contagious to Gorgenians and more than 200,000 died. The "Savior" feared that this was a biological attack. After the Gorgenians recovered from the flu they declared war on Terra in 2461. Even though Gorgenians had not yet attempted space flight before they quickly amassed a fleet of 42 Warships. In their first space battle they hijacked a Terrian cargo transport ship and killed all 150 Terrians onboard, they also stole all the weapons and supplies onboard to fuel the war. A Terrian scout ship was sent to investigate the missing cargo ship and was also attacked, the pilot was able to escape and alert Terrian High Command. A battalion of 15 Destroyers was sent investigate, in the resulting battle the Terrians lost 9 of their Destroyers and the Gorgenians lost 18 Warships. 360,000 Terrians died and 1.8 million Gorgenians died. The war raged for 12 years and the Gorgenians made surprising progress captured more planets. After which a peace treaty was signed in 2473. Terra and Gorger Prime are currently in a cold war.


Gorgenian Warship