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A race of methane-breathing insects with large incisors. They see only ultraviolet light. Mates is extremely important in their society, and are used as a form of social ranking. Highly successful individuals who are deemed to contribute more to society are permitted to have multiple spouses, while ordinary citizens are only permitted to have one. Taking more partners than your social rank permits is a criminal offense and is punishable by castration. They prefer to go unseen, and have hidden their word using a huge cloaking device.

History Edit

The Rognothsar are a highly suspicious species and very religious. The Rognothsar are the apex predators on W'zaceon 5, they have a top speed of 55 mph, and release an extremely powerful neurotoxin from their claws and back stingers. If the Rognothsar ever wanted to expand beyond their homeworld they would be a formidable opponent.

The Rognothsar lived in tribes battling each other for about 900 years, after which 4 territories merged into one which became the dominate power on the planet. They established a national religion which worshipped the Star Gods. Ohen the god of fire, Voda the goddess of water, Zeme the god of the earth, and Vzduch the god of the air. In their legends Ohen is the strongest and the oldest of the gods, he was the first god and he was the one who made the stars. He lives inside the Rognothsar's home star. Zeme was the second god, he created the planets, asteroids, and moons. He now lives inside of W'zaceon 5. Voda put water on the planets and seeded life, she lives at the bottom of W'zaceon 5's biggest ocean and is married to Zeme. Vzduch created the atmosphere and lives inside clouds and hurricanes.

Their legends claim that a great evil will someday attack the Milky Way and that the gods will rise up to defeat it, but in the battle all the planets and stars will be destroyed. This is why the Rognothsar hide their planet.

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The Rognothsar are highly territorial and permit no foreign craft to come within 30 clicks of there planet.

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Rognothsar Striker

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